Save more than $3,500 on a new home comfort system

lennox-winter-promotion-2014Is your furnace or air conditioner getting up there in age? Now might just be the perfect time to call our Des Moines furnace installation experts and have a new one installed.

New MidAmerican Energy rebates for 2014 along with the Lennox winter promotion can save you as much as $3,675 on a new heating and cooling system for your home. Add in the energy savings you’ll gain from today’s heating and cooling technology, and the savings will be even bigger.

Here’s what the savings look like:

  • Lennox: Up to $1,300 on a new home comfort system + $300 for solar panels and $100¬†for an iHarmony zoning system
  • MidAmerican: Up to $900 for a furnace, $1,050 for an A/C and $25 for a programmable thermostat?
  • Total: $3,675
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More about the rebates

The Lennox rebates are available Jan. 20-Feb. 14, 2014. Here are complete details.

MidAmerican’s rebates are new for the year 2014. Kohles & Bach is SAVE-certified, so we can help you get the best rebate available for your home. Here’s more info on the MidAmerican rebates:


Of course, if you’re not ready for a new furnace, we also offer Des Moines furnace repair services.