Cold weather got you down? Relief is on the way

It’s been a cold, long winter. But spring is just around the corner (at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves).

If this winter is getting you down, here are five reasons to be optimistic about our Des Moines weather:

1. 48 degrees! Next week. Wednesday, to be exact.

des moines weather

2. The average high temperature in Des Moines on Feb. 10 is 34. By the end of February, it jumps to 41. Doesn’t 41 degrees sound great about now?

3. By March 17, the average high temperature is 50 degrees. That’s also St. Patrick’s Day.

4. By the end of February, we’ll be getting an extra 47 minutes of daylight compared to today.

5. On Feb. 24, 1930, it was 78 degrees. So, you know, it could happen again.


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