5 ways to control your house with your smart phone

Ever wonder if you remembered to shut the garage door or turn down the heat? There’s an app for that. Here are five ways to control your house with your smart phone.


WeMo switch ($50)

The Belkin WeMo Switch connects to your home’s Wifi and lets you turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere. Simply plug your device into the WeMo outlet and use the free smart phone app to control your devices. For $80, you can get the switch and a motion detector so you can turn on lights when motion is detected. Or use the app to program other things to happen when motion is detected.


iComfort WiFi Thermostat

The iComfort Wi-FiĀ® thermostat lets you set your home’s temperature and save energy from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Remote access, along with live weather forecast and automatic updates, offers a level of convenience that goes degrees beyond what’s possible with a standard thermostat.

Philips Hue Lightbulb

These bulbs change colors, dim, flash, pulse – pretty much anything you want – controlled by your smart phone.

SmartThings Know and Control Your Home Kit – $300

Some things you can do with this kit:

  • Receive notifications when people, pets, and cars arrive and leave
  • Know when doors, drawers, and items open, close, or move
  • Set a lamp to turn on or off when you open or close the front door
  • Trigger window A/C or space heaters to turn on when you leave work
  • Turn on a light or TV in response to motion at night



Need to know what is going on at your house while you are gone? Wonder what animal is getting into your trash? The Dropcam uploads video over WiFi so you can view it from your phone or online. You can even record it to their cloud service to watch at a later date.