Spring special: $69 air conditioning clean and check

air-conditioner-clean-checkComing soon: Summer.

Most of us have turned on our air conditioner at least once so far this spring. And hopefully it fired up.

Kohles and Bach is once again offering a spring special on its air conditioner clean and check. You’ll save $20 off the regular price of $89.

One of our technicians will clean your A/C unit and make sure everything is fully cleaned and in good working order before summer heat sets in.

Call 515-278-2900 to schedule your clean and check today.

Or click here to contact us via email.

Here’s what is included in the clean and check:

  • Check filter
  • Wash condensor
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check capacitor
  • Check for damage
  • Check superheat or subcooling
  • Check wire connections
  • Check temperature drop at coil
  • Check temperature rise at condensor

Also consider our yearly maintenance plan ($125), which includes a clean and check on your air conditioner and on your furnace, as well as these additional benefits.

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