Benefits of two-stage air conditioners


If you’re considering upgrading your air conditioner, then you will certainly want to take advantage of two-stage technology.

Two-stage means the air conditioner (or heat pump) works at two different levels – high for hot days and low for milder days. According to Lennox, your A/C will run on low about 80 percent of the time, which has several benefits.

Even temperatures: The air conditioner runs for longer periods of time, leading to more even temperatures throughout your home. When your system runs on high all the time (and therefore runs less), the rooms farthest away from the unit usually don’t stay as cool. Since the two-stage unit runs longer, it reaches all areas of your house.

Less humidity: Longer run times also mean the air conditioner will operate more efficiently and remove more moisture (humidity) from the air. This not only helps to cool your home, but it helps prevent mold.

Cleaner air: Longer run times mean more air going through the air filter. That means fewer particles and pollutants in your air.

Less noise: A two-stage unit running on low is quieter than an air conditioner running on high.

Longer life: Since the compressor (the air conditioner’s hardest working and most expensive part) doesn’t run at top speed 80 percent of the time, it will last longer. Fewer times starting and stopping (turning on and off) also means less stress on the unit.


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