Smart power strips can reduce your energy consumption

smart power stripWhen you turn off your electronic devices, you’re not necessarily stopping them from using power.

Computers, televisions, printers and other electronics continue to draw power and run up your electricity bill even when you think they are off. Standby power consumption is believed to be as high as five to 10 percent of your total energy bill.

Enter smart power strips.

Smart power strips stop those devices from using energy by turning off power to them when the devices go into standby mode. It saves you the time of having to unplug your devices completely or turning off power to a strip altogether (which you might not want to do with all devices).

Smart power strips generally have some outlets that will turn off power when a device goes into standby mode. They also have outlets that stay on at all times for devices you don’t want to lose power (your DVR, for example).

They even can turn off devices like your speakers when the computer (the control outlet) goes into standby mode.

For example, the Smart Strip 4941 Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology includes seven outlets. According to their website:

The Smart Strip has seven clearly marked outlets that you plug your computer or home entertainment center peripherals into. When you power down computer or stereo, the Smart Strip automatically shuts down the power to your computer’s and entertainment’s center peripherals. This unique feature not only saves you money and helps the environment, it also makes shutting down your systems fast and easy.