Gas fireplace maintenance

gas-fireplace-maintenanceGas fireplace maintenance should be a part of your fall cleaning routine, just like furnace maintenance and shutting down your irrigation system.

Gas fireplaces may seem like they are low maintenance, but they still require some sort of annual cleaning and check. The fan, pilots and burners should be checked on your gas fireplace each year, ideally by a professional.

Homeowners should check the fireplace vent before the first fire of the year to make sure birds nests or leaves haven’t accumulated.

Here is a list of more annual maintenance items to perform on your gas fireplace:

  • The firebox and heat exchanger should be vacuumed (not when the fireplace is hot).
  • A professional should clean the pilot assembly, remove any trapped air from the gas supply line and test the fireplace.
  • When cleaning the gas logs, use only a soft brush. Those logs can be fragile. And make sure to position the logs properly after the cleaning for best results.
  • Use a gas fireplace glass cleaner to clean the glass front of your fireplace. Never use oven cleaner or abrasive cleaners.

Don’t want to deal with this yourself? Kohles & Bach performs annual fireplace cleaning. Give us a call at 515-278-2900 to schedule yours today.