What is the ideal temperature for sleeping


Winter is here, and the annual battle over the thermostat has begun. Maybe you prefer to keep things cooler, but the wife prefers the house warm and toasty.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Either way, you need to reach some sort of compromise. So what does actual research tell us about the ideal thermostat setting for sleeping.

• WebMD suggests a temperature between 65 and 72 in this article, but also points out that feeling “comfortable” is what’s most important (also that you should sleep in socks).

• Other studies suggest the ideal temperature is 65 degrees, which is the temperature where your body neither has to create nor shed heat.

• Still another article suggests the ideal range is 60 to 67 degrees if your goal is to get the most amount of sleep. This article also noted that temperatures below 54 and above 75 were detrimental to the length of time you sleep.

• A recent New York Times article discussed a study that said sleeping with the bedroom cooler (66 degrees in their research) leads to an increase in your metabolism. So 66 degrees (or even colder) appears to be the ideal temperature if you are looking to lose weight.

• But what about babies? Research suggests that babies also sleep best in a temperature between 65 and 70.


So what is the ideal temperature? I guess that’s really up to you. Try experimenting with different temperatures and see which one leads to a better night’s sleep.

Or if you’re trying to convince your family members that you need to turn down the thermostat, tell them that lower temperatures will lead to more sleep.

Tell us: What do you set the thermostat on at night?