Benefits of a whole house humidifier in Des Moines, IA

The weather is getting colder in Des Moines, and the air inside your house is getting dryer. You can probably feel it on your skin already.

One solution is to add a whole-home humidifier to your heating and cooling system. A whole-home system adds humidity to your house via your ductwork.

Here are the benefits…

example of a whole house humidifier des moines iaYou’ll feel warmer: A whole house humidifier actually makes you feel warmer at lower temperatures. So you’ll be able to set the temperature in your Des Moines house a few degrees cooler in winter, thus saving on your heating bill.

Save your floors: A dry house not only hurts your skin, it hurts your wood floors. Higher humidity will protect your wood floors, your paint, your plaster, even your paintings.

No shocks: You know those static electric shocks you get in winter? Say goodbye to them with proper humidity. And those painful dry noses? A whole-home humidifier will help those too.

Your health: A dry environment helps the flu and colds from spreading. Up the humidity and be healthy all winter long.

All-over comfort: You might have a portable humidifier that you carry from room to room or have to fill every day. A whole house humidifier doesn’t need filled and it takes care of the entire house all at once. So it will save you time and energy.

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