The truth behind common heating and cooling myths

air conditioning myths

There’s a lot of bad advice out there related to heating and cooling your home. Fortunately we are here to separate the truth from the myths. Here are some common myths that just aren’t true…

MYTH: Leave a ceiling fan on when you’re not home to cool a room

Fans circulate air and cool your skin, not the room. So leaving a fan running when you’re not even in the room is just wasting electricity.

MYTH: You can lower your energy bill by closing off vents

Modern heating and cooling systems are balanced to service the entire house – so enough air to cool the entire house is being sent through the vents no matter how many are open. Closing off some vents can throw things off, causing your unit to work harder than is should and leading to a breakdown. If you block vents in winter, warm air will still be drawn into those rooms, making the rest of the house colder.

If you only want to heat part of the house, then a zoned heating and cooling system may be your best optoin.

MYTH: Buying a new energy efficient cooling and heating system will reduce your energy bill

That’s not necessarily true. The key is to buy a unit that is sized correctly for your house. Call a professional such as Kohles & Bach Heating and Cooling to make sure you get the perfect-sized air conditioner and furnace for your house.

MYTH: Turn the air conditioner off while you are away to save money

When you turn your air conditioner off, your home gets much warmer while you are away. This means it will take more energy to bring the temperature back down to a comfortable level when you return. Instead of turning it off, adjust your thermostat up 10 degrees when you are not home. This will allow the system to still manage humidity while you’re away and provide quicker comfort upon your return.

MYTH: Air conditioners just reduce the temperature of a room

Not true. Air conditioners also reduce the humidity in the room, which makes the house feel cooler.