What’s the ideal temperature for your home in winter?

It’s been a cold winter here in Des Moines. Your furnace has been working overtime to heat your home. You’ve likely even found yourself sneaking over to turn it up a degree or two.

Which leads us to this question: What is the ideal temperature for your home in winter?

ideal temperature home in winter

Here’s what the Department of Energy has to say… You can save money by setting the temperature to 68 degrees while you are home and lower when you are away or asleep.

The Department of Energy suggests you lower the temperature 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day.

If that seems a little cold, reach for more layers of clothing before reaching for the thermostat. Raising your thermostat one degree will raise your energy bill three percent. So for you 72-degree people, that’s an increase of 12 percent on your energy bill.

Lowering your thermostat one degree to 67 will save you four percent on your energy bill, says MidAmerican Energy.┬áIf you can handle turning it down to 63 degrees, you’ll save a whopping 19 percent.

MidAmerican will even provide you with a free programmable thermostat to make this all easier to do. Kohles and Bach can install a smart thermostat that learns when you are away and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Another tip is to turn down the thermostat when you have guests. The body heat from more people will keep your house warm.

Best temperature for night

What about during the night? How low should you set your thermostat then?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep is 60 to 67 degrees. If you have a baby or toddler, set that a little higher – 65 to 70 degrees. And keep the crib or bed away from cold windows.