Should you be worried about condensation on your windows in winter?

Window condensation may make for pretty photos this winter, but it can be a real problem and possibly cause damage to your house – especially if you have older windows.

Condensation forms on the inside of your windows when there is excess moisture in the house compared to outside. It often occurs in winter months, when there is warm air on cold windows. If the seal between window panes is broken, you can even see condensation there.

Condensation is water, so it can lead to mold or decay.

How to get rid of condensation

If you do have condensation on the inside of your windows, there are steps you can take to remedy the problem.

1. Turn down the humidifier

If condensation is happening in a room where you are running a humidifier – maybe a kids’ room or nursery – then turn down or turn off the humidifier. It’s putting too much humidity in the room.

2. Run a dehumidifier

You can purchase a dehumidifier at your local hardware store to help take some of that humidity out of the air. Better yet, you can have a whole-house dehumidifier system installed by Kohles & Bach Heating and Cooling. Our system attaches to your heating and cooling system and take humidity out of the air while it heats your house. You can set the humidity to the appropriate level based on the outside temperature.

3. Use your bathroom fans

When you take a shower, humidity gets into the air. Running your bathroom fan for a good 15 to 20 minutes after you are done with your shower will help remove that extra humidity from the air.

4. Circulate air

Something as simple as turning on a ceiling fan can help circulate the air in your house and reduce the condensation on windows. So use those fans – even in winter.

5. Insulate and weather strip

Adding weather stripping and/or a window insulation kit will make your home more energy efficient and can reduce condensation.


Are you ready to learn how a whole house dehumidifier can help you control your humidity through the winter months? Contact Kohles & Bach today for an estimate.