Indoor air quality – Des Moines

Lennox Healthy Climate™ Systems help you breathe easier by offering innovative and effective ways to improve the indoor air quality in your Des Moines home.

According to the EPA, the air inside the average home is up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Pollutants in your home’s air can cause poor indoor air quality, which in turn may cause dizziness and headaches, plus aggravate allergies and asthma.

Make a clean start – all you have to do is make a Lennox Healthy Climate system part of your home comfort package to immediately improve your indoor air quality. Designed to trap and destroy harmful contaminants, these systems go a long way toward improving the air you breathe.

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Those tiny particles circulating in your house can cause allergy problems and other discomforts such as headaches. Lennox has a solution that can make your air quality as healthy as can be.


Air purification

The Lennox PureAir Air Purification System cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy. That’s because it addresses all three major areas of air quality — molds and germs, allergy-aggravating particles, and chemical vapors/odors—in one powerful system.

Humidity control

Keep humidity at a comfortable level with our professionally installed whole home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.


Choose a whole-home ventilation system to bring fresh air into your living spaces, without wasting energy.

Air filters

Install a new air filter to make sure your heating and cooling system is working at maximum capacity.


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